Since 2015, Quarter Mediation started a cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Groningen, the Netherlands, an important part of this cooperation being the appointment of Quarter Mediation as part of the Honors Programme for the bachelor students enrolled at the Institute of Engineering. In this respect, students at the mentioned university can gain honours credits (one credit = 28 hours activities such as presentations, workshops, ice-breaking activities organised under the coordination of Quarter Mediation's experts) by assisting and supporting Quarter Mediation in organising European training events. 

Welcome to Quarter Mediation

Quarter Mediation is an adult education provider based in the Netherlands, with branches in Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Romania and Turkey. It organizes adult education courses at European level, as well as courses at national level. Its areas of expertise are in both General Education and Vocational Education and Training.

Quarter Mediation has as its main aims to promote lifelong learning and to create a link between the education system (both general education and VET) and the labour market.

With extensive experience and expertise in The Lifelong Learning Programme 2007–2013, the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme and the Erasmus + Programme, Quarter Mediation is coordinator and/or partner in a diverse range of projects and organizes European events and dissemination activities.

Quarter Mediation works both with individuals and institutions at local, national and international level.



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Lifelong Learning Projects 2009 - 2015


In the next seven years the new programme Erasmus+ will replace the well-known Comenius & Grundtvig actions focus on in-service training (Comenius courses for school staff and Grundtvig courses for people involved in adult education), so no more in-service training from January 2014, in the structure you know, because of the end of the Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2013. The option is given in the Key Action 1 (KA 1 individual mobility); KA 1 is open for trainers in adult education as well as for teachers at school. It means you will be not allowed anymore to apply as an individual, but your organization will be able to apply for a training activity for a group of participants (staff from the organization).


In the period 2014-2020 Quarter Mediation is going to offer courses focused on the following topics: creativity and innovation in teaching and training; fighting early school leaving in VET; Erasmus +. Project management; business communication; better classroom behaviour; climate change; reducing unemployment and developing entrepreneurial skills; human rights; interculture; leadership; environment and sustainable development; new technologies versus traditional technologies; how to use music, art, drama, ICT and sport in education; how to work with SEN students (SEN=Special Educational Needs).