“It counts! Initiate counseling and training support in vocational education and training”, DE/13/LLP-LdV/TOI/147616

LdV Transfer of Innovation “It counts!”

Project partner

  • Institut für berufliche Bildung, Arbeitsmarktund Sozialpolitik GmbH, Germany
  • Oskar-von-Miller-Schule Kassel, Selbstständige Berufliche Schule der Stadt Kassel, Germany
  • Quarter Mediation, the Netherlands
  • Centrul European pentru Integrare Socioprofesionala ACTA, Romania
  • Hrvatska obrtnička Komora, Croatia
  • Berufsschule Mattersburg, Austria
  • Lapland Vocational College, Finland
  • Otomotiv Endüstrisi Ihracatçilari birliği Teknik ve Endüstri Meslek lisesi, Turkey

Project file

Project file

The partner organizations are going to adapt and test concepts for an individualized learning and feedback culture to motivate trainees but also trainers. These concepts are embedded in a quality management to monitor impacts and ensure development progress. Within the TOI project also advantages of social media in field of counseling in VET are tested. Tangible outcomes are a toolbox for company adviser and teacher with eg. Curricula for new teaching culture and best practice examples out of the pilot phase with recommendations for local implementation. Intangible outcomes are the development of local/regional networks with relevant stakeholder involved in VET which is needed fundamentally for a holistic approach in the field of drop-out. Because the complex problems of the trainees which are at risk for drop-out are multidimensional, they have to be treated in an appropriate multidimensional way: in close cooperation with all stakeholders involved in the vocational training system.


With this holistic approach in mind, the consortium partners had been selected: vocational schools, Chamber of crafts, Adult education provider and NGO are looking for innovative common approaches to reduce the rate of drop-outs in vocational education and training. The project wants to contribute to the quality of vocational training by professionalization of the trainers and teachers, awareness raising for the topic of drop-out and innovative counseling and teaching methods.

Project development

Project development

30th of August 2013:

The project was officially approved by the German National Agency. In this respect the representatives of the applicant organization, INBAS Institut für berufliche Bildung, Arbeitsmarkt- und Sozialpolitik GmbH, sent to all the partners in the consortium the message below:




2nd of September 2013:

Quarter Mediation started to organize the kick-off meeting, sending in this respect the relevant information to the partners in the consortium.


23rd of September 2013:

Unexpected and very surprising, INBAS, the applicant organization decided to withdraw and it disagrees with the German school to take over the project and with using the innovation for being transferred to the countries involved in the project.


Even the project was a hard team work, it finished before it started, so “It counts!”, by a decision of the applicant organization so … the project “It counts!” didn’t count for real for all of us…