Area and project types

Quarter Mediation's areas of expertise

  • Adult education for teachers, trainers, school inspectors, decision makers in the field of education, VET specialists, businessmen, representatives of trade unions, representatives of training departments from universities and companies, representatives of local, regional and local authorities etc.
  • General Education (European citizenship; human rights; children rights; inclusion in schools; reducing drop-out; preventing violence in schools, ICT, environment, media; non-formal methods of teaching; climate change; human rights; leadership in education; entrepreneurial education etc.);
  • Vocational education & training (Environment; Science and technology; Tourism; Labour market; administration, management and marketing; science and technology: energy supply, engineering, mechatronics, automation, robotics, environment, civil engineering; sustainability; agriculture/horticulture; media, communication and telecommunications; advertising, multimedia; business, entrepreneurship; sport; medicine; commerce; food industry; crafts; information and computer technology; tourism, hotel and catering; transport, logistics etc.)

Project types:

The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency, European Commission:

The Erasmus + Programme 2014-2020

  • Erasmus +. KA1 for school education
  • Erasmus +. KA1 for adult education
  • Erasmus +. KA1 for vocational education
  • Erasmus +. KA2 Strategic Partenership for school education
  • Erasmus +. KA2 Strategic Partenership for adult education
  • Erasmus +. KA2 Strategic Partenership for VET


The Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2013

  • Leonardo da Vinci mobility (VETPRO & PLM)
  • Leonardo da Vinci Partnership
  • Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation
  • Grundtvig Partnership
  • Grundtvig in-service training
  • Comenius in-service training
  • Transversal programme KA1.1


Enterprise & Industry Directorate General, European Commission:

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

  • Action: COSME-04-2015-692734 
  • Action: 63-G-ENT-CIP-13-E-N01C011/621851
  • Action: ENT/ERA/10/411


European Social Found

HRD: Priority Axis 2, Key Area of Intervention 2.2

  • Title: Supporting education through the school after school
  • Title: Mobility of school education staff