• University degree in History
  • Postgraduate in History of Education in Portugal
  • Master thesis with the topic “The contribution of the European clubs for the European dimension in education” (in development )
  • Teacher of History, Portuguese and Civic Education
  • Coordinator of the European Club at school level
  • European Projects coordinator: Council of Europe project “From one street to the other” ; Comenius, Youth in Action etc.

Partner organizations:

 A Rocha 

Contact person:Mrs. Isabel da Cunha Soares, Eng, Coordenadora do Programa de Educação Ambiental da Rocha

In Portugal, A Rocha has been carrying out research and monitoring on site for over 25 years and has trained over 400 volunteers and many former students.

Alongside this has been caring an environmental education programme which currently sees over 2000 people from a variety of educational groups and schools visit the A Rocha field center each year. 

“We need to know to love; we need to love to care”.

Press articles regarding Quarter Mediation courses: A Rocha website; Facebook Twitter


Permaculture institute Quinta do Vale da Lama

Contact persons:Mrs. Nita Barroca, manager; Mr. Helder Valente

Many of us embrace the idea of a more sustainable approach to our everyday lives, social conditions and agriculture. The different aspects of Permaculture that are being taught at the Permaculture Institute of Vale da Lama are tools with which we want to facilitate, change and improve people’s lives. The 42 ha farm, situated in the protected area of the estuary of the River Alvor, serves as an experimental ground for the development of sustainable techniques and organic farming.


Monte da Casteleja(organic farm in Algarve)

Contact person:Mrs. Maria Leroux, owner

Camara Municipal Lagos, Departamento de Ambiente

Contact person:Mrs. Ana Rita Pico, Eng.

Escola secundaria Julio Dantas da Lagos

Contact person:Mr. Antonio Vidal Santos-president

Escola Technipolis Lagos

Contact persons:Mr. Francisco Neto, headmaster; Mr. Carlos Dias-teacher

Hotel Aurora Sol, Praia da Luz