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Eligible participants


Eligible participants:

  • Teachers (Pre-school, primary, secondary, vocational, adult, special needs)
  • Teacher trainers
  • Careers officers, educational guides and counselors
  • Inspectors
  • Head teachers/principals/managers of schools/organizations offering adult education
  • Other (Paid or voluntary) management staff in the institution/organization
  • Non-teaching administrative staff
  • Members of students/teachers councils in adult education


Institution type:

  • Pre-Primary
  • Primary
  • General secondary
  • Vocational/Technical secondary
  • Special education for disabled persons



How to apply in 10 steps

Step 1: Choose a Comenius or a Comenius & Grundtvig course from the EU official catalog from the period eligible for the next deadline - Link

Step 2: Send a pre-registration form to the course organizer - Link

Step 3: The organizer will register you in its database and will send an invitation letter to you

Step 4: Download the application form for Comenius in-service training from your National Agency website link

Step 5: Fill in the application form for Comenius in-service training downloaded from your National Agency website with the main information regarding your background, the course topic, the course organizerlink

Step 6: Submit the application form to your National Agency both on-line and in original (paper format) before the deadline. The paper format must be submitted in the same envelope with the invitation letter received from the course organizer. For submission specific details in your own country please contact your National Agencylink

Step 7: The application form will be evaluated by external assessors appointed by  your National Agency and the results will be published on its website (and/or you will be notified by post/e-mail) in about 2 ½ months after the deadline

Step 8: You have to inform the course organizer about the decision of your National Agency:

  1. If your grant is approved, you have to send the final registration form  Link to the course organizer (the signature is requested) in original or scan copy
  2. if you are on the reserve list in one of the first positions, it is very probable that your request will be approved, depending on the cancelation of other courses for the approved participants
  3. if your application form is rejected, your NA will send you the reasons for the mentioned decision and/or the comments of the external assessors (you can use the comments for the improvement of your application form for the next round)

Step 9: You have to submit the course fee (in the amount written in the catalog) to the course organizer, by bank transfer

Step 10: The course organizer will send you all the necessary details regarding the international transportation, the accommodation, the subsistence, the course agenda, the materials that you must prepare for the course etc.