How to apply and participate in an Erasmus plus in-service training in 10 steps:


Choose one or more topics from the list below:

  • Creativity and innovation in teaching and training;
  • Fighting early school leaving in VET;
  • Better classroom behavior;
  • Reducing unemployment and developing entrepreneurial skills;
  • Interculture;
  • Environment and sustainable development;
  • Erasmus +. Project management;
  • Business communication;
  • Climate change;
  • Human rights;
  • Leadership;
  • New technologies versus traditional technologies;
  • How to use music, art, drama, ICT and sport in education.

For having a look on the former Comenius & Grundtvig courses Quarter Mediation organized in the Lifelong Learning Programme, please see the sections ERASMUS PLUS COURSES /Archive Comenius; ERASMUS PLUS COURSES /Archive Grundtvig;BRANCHES



Contact the course organizer, Quarter Mediation via email or on facebook  and inform it about your choice.



Quarter Mediation representative will contact you for designing the course depending on your target group needs and your organization aims and objectives. Together with the course organizer you will take the decision regarding the course title, the number of participants, the number of flows, the duration and period for training.



Your organization has to register for a PIC-Code (participant identification code) that has to be done only once for the participation in any activity of the Programme Erasmus+. It means the organization has to do a registration at the centralized database (for details see ).



You have to download the application form from your National Agency website  and to check if a National Call for proposal is published at regards of Erasmus plus programme.



The course organizer, Quarter Mediation, will support you in filling in the application form, including the European Development Plan. In this respect Quarter Mediation experts will help you to better understand the application procedure, as well as of the new rules of Erasmus Plus programme regarding in-service training activities (KA1).



Quarter Mediation will support you in understanding the rules and filling properly the financial section of the application form. With regards to the financial issues, it is important to know that you will be granted with an amount for travel, subsistence (Individual costs), course fee, organization of mobility programme and logistics (Organizational costs). From this amount the course organizer will receive: the Course fee in the amount of 70 Euro per day per participants, as a standard amount at European level (e.g. for a 5 days course having 10 participants, the course fee will be: 70 Euro x 5 days x 10 people = 3500 Euro) and 200 Euro per participant from the Organizational costs (you will receive 350 Euro per participant as Organizational costs, so you can use the part left (150 Euro per participant) for organizing the preparation of the participants to the training course abroad.



The application form will be validated by Quarter Mediation and then submitted online (deadline: 17th of March 2014, 12:00 h Brussels time)



Your application form will be assessed by your National Agency and, at the middle of July 2014 you will receive its decision regarding the allocation of the grant and you will be also asked – in case the project is approved – to sign an agreement with your NA.


STEP 10:

As soon as you will be informed that the project is approved, you have to contact the course organizer, Quarter Mediation, for informing you about the next steps to be followed in order for your group to participate in the course you chose.