Written Feedback


Comenius in-service training

Reference number:NL-2012-275-005
Course period:  14-18.05.2012
Location:        Praia da Luz, Portugal
Participant countries:Czech Republic, Iceland, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden          


Feed-back participants:

"All the atmosphere was very nice. We haven’t been hurry up. I like meeting new people. The group and our leaders were really very nice. The activities like this always make me to think more carefully to my daily life, especially to my work. The course encouraged me to make new things on my school. I will make more for a better attitude of my teachers and pupils, for the recycling in my school. I always do my best and an activity like this is like a very nice cake on Sunday afternoon, among the group of best friends. Thank you very much!" (Miroslav, Czech Republic)


Comenius in-service training

Reference number:NL-2011-241-005
Course period:  19-23.09.2011, 26-31.03.2012, 07-11.05.2012
Location:        Palazollo sull’Oglio, Italy
Participant countries:Belgium, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Romania, Turkey, Sweden, Cyprus, UK


Feed-back participants:

"I liked very much the outdoor activities, as well as the workshops Colors and creativity and Slow motion. The visit to Shalom community was very impressive. The Comenius course was a great gain for me as a personality and professionally. It helps me to communicate with colleagues and students (Communication strategies – good presentation), helps to look at my students more tolerant. I got a lot of ideas how to make an interesting learning process. The organization and planning was very good. Thank you for the hospitality and interesting activity. "(Inara, Latvia)

 "The Comenius course gave me more trust in myself and in my students. Now, after the course, I appreciate more my students. I realize that they are incredible and their teachers too." (Alina-Elena, Romania)

 "Ï liked very much the practical workshops and the discussions with the other participants and with the trainers. Because the drop-outs play an important role in my country, I think it is important to learn by other countries. I’ve made the experience that a Comenius course brings a lot of new information and impressions." (Falko, Germany)

 "Ï liked the fact that people who are sharing the same passion can talk to each other in a phenomenal way. I like the idea that all of us are looking for new methods and strategies and that we are facilitating these ideas with teachers from other countries. I really think courses like this make people more aware of what they are realy doing very well and also create openness of mind to adapt other methods and strategies. Lots of thanks!" (Hugo, Belgium)

"I can say that I enjoyed all the activities of this course. The training course was very well organized, focused on our school needs, using modern methods to create a link between the general education and the labour market. I am very happy because I choose this course. I found new friends, I feel like in a family and our trainers became our models of life."(Gabriela Liliana, Romania)

"I liked very much all the activities, the way in that there were planned and organized; I liked especially the workshops, the visit to Shalom Community and the touristic objectives we visited. The most appropriate activity of my work is the workshop Colors and creativity because through this type of activity I can reach more objectives specific for my job: the language development, the development of thinking and creativity, the self-motor coordination etc. Through the Comenius course I got in touch with different technics and methods used for inclusion and for reducing school drop-out.  "(Angelica, Romania)

“It was nice to meet new people from other cultures; they were all nice and funny people. Shalom Community made a great influence to ma! In good and in “bad”…I liked to see the students (drama) and some teachers and speak with them during the schools’ visits. Iseo was wonderful! The workshops were a good experience: teamwork is so wonderful! The programme was – in my opinion – too tight, too full of everything. Italy is nice, the climate is nice, the group as nice.”(Tiina, Finland)

"I liked the best the workshops (learning by doing), the visit to Shalom Center (I still cannot believe that a place like that really exists), to meet with colleagues from other parts of Europe, the outdoor activities (lake Iseo). Thank you Cristina and Stefana! Cristina is the perfect director: structure, brain, warm heart." (Kristina, Sweden)

“I liked the best the atmosphere from the course time, the very good communication with the course organizer and with the other participants. The course programme was complied; I liked the activities organized, the course location and the hospitality of the hosts. The course will have a positive influence in my professional activity, firstly because I will return to the teaching activity with a richer experience and with the wish to do more for my students. I would suggest to have a longer duration of this course (10 days instead of 5) ”(Catalina, Romania)

"Meeting collegues from other countries was the best part of all. Our group worked so well! Thank you Cristina and Stefana!" (Hannele, Finland)






Comenius in-service training

Reference number:NL-2011-240-006
Course period:   23-27.04.2012, 14-18.05.2012
Location:        Assen, The Netherlands, Praia da Luz, Portugal
Participant countries:Estonia, Finland, Greece, Malta, Turkey, Czech Republic, Iceland,  Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden 


 Feed-back participants:

"I liked the best the variety of activities outdoor and the ability to immerse in good practice for environmental awareness and also the ability to get familiar with the Dutch environmental factors which are very different to the Maltese and Mediterranean climate. The center we visited on Tuesday where school children can spend a while investigating and studying nature is an excellent idea. The experience of discovering common ground for good environmental practical initiatives has encouraged me to keep promoting planet conservation and sustainable education for children in schools. Very professional trainers who took excellent care of us. They are very well qualified and well informed and have led this course professionally. It was so pleasant to work in a relaxed, respectful and happy atmosphere!"(Simone, Malta)

"This course encouraged me to continue the way I have chosen: to do something god for the environment through education. Thank you very much for the interesting week in The Netherlands. It was a good experience for me." (Onneleid, Estonia)

"I liked the best to have the possibility to see many kind of outdoor activities in The Netherlands. I want to know more and more about what to do to increase sustainable development thinking in my school. Cradle-to-cradle was new idea for me. You found us very interesting outdoor activities. Thanks a lot!"(Tapio, Finland)

"The activity that I liked the most was the visit to Monte da Casteleja, because I would personally love to have a grape wine farm at house. I like also the visits to the schools from Lagos. I found permaculture institute Quinta do Vale da Lama the most appropriate for me because I would love to live in this way, with recycling and giving back to the nature. The experience I had in the Comenius course will help me to change something in better in my school and in my personal life."(Ileana-Carmen, Romania)

"I liked the people, the organization and the changing of experience, the course venue. The visit to Permaculture institute and A Rocha was new. I think everything included in the working programme are appropriate for my personal and professional background, including talking, reflecting, change meaning like in the last day. Very important for me was also music and dancing. Thank you Cristina and Rui! I will try to find people for your next sessions." (Iwona, Poland)

"I liked very much the programme of the course, including the nice place, many outdoor activities that will be beneficial in the school work. The course will certainly influence my professional activity, especially how to include more and more outdoor activities in everyday school work. I will try to include more creativity into the subject chemistry. I will include as much as possible teachers of different subjects into such a programme. The organization was superb!" (Lenka, Slovenia)

"I liked the chance to get to know other teachers from different countries. It was nice to see the Portuguese schools and talk to the students. It felt good to know that my work is in the right direction. The course leaders, Cristina and Rui, were very funny, nice, caring and in the same time professional. I liked Cristina’s lesson about like skills. I’ve got lots of energy to carry on my work. The group and the leaders have been fantastic!" (Ann-Sofie, Sweden)

"I am now better motivated to do mine work at home. I will support my teachers to understand how important is to teach green values to the students. I have now some new ideas which I can share with my colleagues. It was interesting also while we drove by car to the all visiting places because we could see the countryside, houses and farms. Thank you Cristina and Rui, for taking so good care of us!" (Ari, Finland)



Grundtvig in-service training

Reference numberNL-2011-238-005
Course period:        
19-23.09.2011, 26-31.03.2012, 05-11.05.2012
Location:                  Palazollo sull’Oglio, Italy
Participant countries: Belgium, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Romania, Turkey, Sweden, Cyrpus, UK


 Feed-back participants:

"The atmosphere the trainers created was excellent and the information received was of very good quality. I liked the workshops and the cultural experience. I think there is nothing left you can show us. It was a pleasant and efficient experience for me. I met people interested in their profession and willing to share their experience." (Cela, Romania)

"I have participated in 4 programmes, but this is the best programme I ever tasted. There is a friendly environment, good friendship, everything is well-planned. Thanks to Cristina for organizing such a course. Slow motion is very suitable for primary school children. They can prepare home works to tell about a short story by using words they have learned in the class, in their textbooks etc. We also made group works and they are essential for the students o be a social person and to be part of the society in their future life. These kinds of activities cause me to learn more about other cultures, ideas. My point of view improves. It is necessary for self-development. Life is a long learning process and it will benefit in all aspects such as: self-expression, to be aware of other cultures, way of thinking, sharing the same ideas etc."(Onder, Turkey)

"I liked very much the good practice examples and the visit to Shalom community. I also liked the interaction with persons from different coutries. I have chosen this course because I am interested in learning modern teaching methods which I try to use in my classes." (Daniela-Liliana, Romania)

"I liked the best: the mix of different things (theory + practice); the Shalom Community Center; the organizers well being; the group; the hotel; the boat tour; Palazollo; the 6 hats workshop; the love thema; group building activities (eg. puzzle); creative practices. The trainers, Cristina and Stefana, you made this course!" (Carita, Sweden)

"All the information received during this course is interesting and useful for me. I like the best the connection between the concepts/theory and the practice in the topics of the course, the positive attitude and relation and cooperative learnig between our trainers and all the learners." (Gabriela, Romania)





Grundtvig in-service training

Reference number: NL-2011-239-006
Course period:        23-27.04.2012, 14-18.05.2012
Location:                 Assen, The Netherlands, Praia da Luz, Portugal
Participant countries: Estonia, Finland, Greece, Malta, Turkey, Czech Republic, Iceland, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden.


Feed-back participants:  

"First of all, the course is like a vitamin injection in my job, I am full of energy and ideas that I want to try when I’m back home. I think that it’s very effective to work with environmental issues with kids. I give you stars *** for being flexible and taking opportunities when they came. As a teacher I think I got ideas everywhere. I can’t pick only one. All outdoor excursions were super!" (Helena, Iceland)

"I liked the reservation area the best. Outdoor studies and activities were very effective for my background. The Grundtvig course will have a positive effect on my professional activity. I will transfer the gained practices to my organization."(Ahmet, Turkey)

"All the activities were very interesting. It has been very useful and important to me, the contact with the rest of the participants. All the information I got about the way they work in their countries is of great interest to me and will help me to improve my own way of working. Field study is a very good way of teaching different things and it is also appropriate for teaching chemistry and biology. I got new ideas on environmental issues that I could implement in class. Also it was really interesting to learn how recycling is implemented in The Netherlands." (Katerina, Greece)

"I liked bird watching activity the most. We were totally in the nature during that activity. I felt the nature. The visit to the field center and the activities done helped me a lot to think about providing different environmental education activities in Turkey. This course will help me while revising the environmental education issues for my PhD thesis."(Nuray, Turkey)

"I liked very much the visit to Permaculture Institute Quinta do Vale da Lama and being with colleagues. I think Cristina’s lecture of life skills is the most appropriate for my personal and professional background because I work with children and I think life skills projects are very important nowadays when children don’t often get an opportunity to solve real life problems. I am more prepared to work with children where sustainability, the 4 R (recycle, reuse, reduce and rethink) and a permaculture thinking are involved. I am very please with all the works that we did in the course. It has been a wonderful and useful time that I will never forget. Thank you Cristina and Rui! "(Sigridur Lara, Iceland)


Comenius & Grundtvig in-service training
Reference number:NL-2010-202-001
Course period:  21-25.06.2010
Location:        Dokkum, The Netherlands
Participant countries:Finland, Turkey, Romania, Spain


Feed-back participants:

"Thank you very much for fruitful course, friendly atmosphere and hospitality. All the organizers and trainers are gorgeous and we are so happy to be here, to see many good efforts on education and sustainability and meet enthusiastic people. Thank you so much all of you for the great time in Dokkum. It was a great pleasure to meet you and I hope our cooperation and friendship will go on."(Nuriye, Turkey) 

"I liked very much! The organizers were very supportive! They answered at all my questions, they clarified all my wonders. Thank you very much!" (Simona, Romania)


•Partner institutions: 

  • Quarter Mediation, The Netherlands
  • Kaysery Provincial Directorate of National Education, Turkey (Nuriye, participant in the Comenius & Grundtvig course)
  • Zentralstelle fur Berufsbildung im Handel, Germany
  • VSI Svietimo ir kulturos mobiliuju technologiju institutas, Lithuania
  • Ahmet Erdem Trade Vocational Secondary School, Turkey
  • Technical University in Zvolen, Slovakia
  • Arte e fare societa’ cooperative, Italy

•Project period: 1st of August 2011 – 31st of July 2013


Reference number:NL-2011-218-002
Course period:   21-25.03.2011
Location:        Sliema, Malta
Participant countries:Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Romania


Examples outcomes:

  • Slow motion 1, 2, 3
  • Podcasting
  • Creativity using colors and no formal painting tools
  • Creativity using pottery



Feed-back participants:


“I was really satisfied. It was a good course. Everything was great organized and well prepared.” (Radek, Czech Republic)


“The whole organization of the seminar has been good. I’ve had good indications to improve and to implement my methodology. Everything was very interesting and all the speakers and guests were nice and competent. I’ve found particularly remarkable the experience in the e-learning center about podcasting and animation techniques. I’ve also appreciated a lot the lesson about e-twinning and the art workshop. Cristina, the course organizer, has been very nice and available to understand all our needs.” (Maria, Italy) 


“I liked the flexibility; it makes the course more motivating and interesting. Generally speaking, I am happy with the organization because it had equally work and fun.” (Kersti, Estonia)


“I appreciated especially presentation of ICT methods, these lesson I found very useful and important to use and to know how to use; and I found comparing educational systems in different countries also very interesting. Organization of the seminar, even before the seminar had started (eg: e-mail communication) was perfect. Thank you!” (Zuzana, Czech Republic)


Comenius & Grundtvig in-service training
Reference number:NL-2010-215-006
Course period:  20-24.06.2011, 22-26.08.2011
Location:        Hoogeveen, The Netherlands, Assen, The Netherlands
Participant countries:Greece, United Kingdom, Romania, Hungary, Iceland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal


Feed-back participants:

“The school visit was helpful – perhaps we could have had a presentation from the head teacher in the town or area. The bike ride was a good way to get to know each other.”  (Stephen, UK)

“I don’t know if I will take with me home one method in particular or all of them, but I will try to break standard patterns and to have ‘no limits’.“ (Jerome, France)

“Slow motion is and innovatiove way to storytelling. Good location and accommodation. Good schedule with free time activities.” (Josep, Spain)

“I liked very much the visit to the wind mill in Zuidlaren and the concept of cradle-to-cradle.” (Sanda, Romania)

“It was clear for me how much teachers are motivated in their school work and that they are looking for opportunities to improve their own skills. Creativity is one of the most challenging aims for us. I would like to participate and also to collaborate with Quarter Mediation is seminars connected with creativity and innovation in teaching.” (Margarida, Portugal)

“I liked the group of the participants and the whole programme of the course (eg: slow motion, carpet lesson, video making projects.” (Gabriela, Romania)

“I liked very much the group attitude and kindness, the mutual respect. I like Cristina Stefan taking into account our needs and requests.” (Marie-Isabelle, France)




Comenius & Grundtvig in-service training
Reference number:NL-2010-206-004
Course period:         20-24.06.2011
Location:        Hoogeveen, The Netherlands
Participant countries:Greece, United Kingdom, Romania, Hungary, Iceland


Feed-back participants:

“The school visit was helpful – perhaps we could have had a presentation from the head teacher in the town or area. The bike ride was a good way to get to know each other.”  (Stephen, UK)


“I loved the visit to the school because it suggested techniques and methodology which are not used in my country. The practical activities were very useful.” (Angela, Greece)


“The group was very good and I enjoyed their company.” (Virag, Hungary)


“The exercises were fine (ex: the dance workshop), but I suggest to start with the participants lectures at the beginning of the course, so the composition of the group it is clear from the start.” (Lilja, Iceland)


“I liked very much the bike tour and the school visit and also the massage chair in the hall of the hotel.” (Judith, Romania)



Comenius & Grundtvig in-service training

Reference number:NL-2010-214-004
Course period:  27.06-01.07.2011,19-23.09.2011
Location:        Assen, The Netherlands, Palazollo sull' Oglio, Italy
Participant countries:Finland, Greece, Italy, Germany, Romania, Turkey,Sweden, Cyrpus,UK


Feed-back participants:

 â€œThank you for everything! I learned a lot and gained a lot for my professional growth. The most important thing: I have now a lot of inspiration and motivation. School visit was wonderful and also the Institute for Nature and Education. Thank you Cristina, Rick, hotel staff, Quarter Mediation.” (Annika, Finland)

“This entire course I have learned a lot of things. Also I saw different education systems from EU countries. We visited schools and institutions and we saw good practice examples of implementing human rights education in the European school. The course facilities were very good organized. I look forward for the next course organized by Quarter Mediation. Thank you for your support! Congratulations from all our hearts!” (Ioan Doru, Romania)

“Many thanks for everything! It has been a great experience!” (Vassiliki, Greece)

"The course reinforced my opinion that we all learn best by doing + being involved + active students "switch off" if there is toomuch teacher talk. I intent to use as much inclusive collaborative group work in my teaching." (Sharon,UK)

"I like the workshops, the presentations, the school visits, the interaction with persons from different countries and with different backgrounds. I intent to use the practical workshop about human rights. I think that students will be able to invent by themselves a lot about human rights, rather than telling them what the human rights are..." (Assimina, Cyprus)




Comenius & Grundtvig in-service training
Reference number:NL-2010-214-006
Course period:   21-25.03.2011,27.06-01.07.2011, 22-26.08.2011
Location:        Sliema, Malta,  Assen, The Netherlands,
Participant countries:Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Romania,Turkey, Finland, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal


 Feed-back participants:

“I will take with me as an innovative teaching and learning methods: movie making (using movie maker), storytelling and prezi.” (Philippe, France)

“Thank you for everything! I like the flexibility and the professionalism of the organizers. The information I received on this course will be very useful in my future professional development. I intend to apply for other courses organized by Quarter Mediation and I recommend to the others which are interested in this kind of courses to apply for the courses organized by this organization.” (Viorica, Romania)

“I will take with me as an innovative teaching and learning methods: movie making (using movie maker), storytelling and prezi.” (Philippe, France)

“The course was in accordance with my expectations and was very relevant to my future professional development. Thank you for everything! This course answered to many questions.” (Dana, Romania)

“The course was very good and innovative. I think you have managed it very well in so heterogeneous group from different countries, knowledge and background.” (Magdalena, Germany)

“Thank you for everything! I like very much this course. I learned a lot of useful things. We visited a beautiful school in Assen and we saw good practice examples. I want to congratulate Mrs. Cristina Stefan and Quarter Mediation and I will recommend this course for all the teachers from Romania.” (Mona, Romania)

“This was my first participation in a course like this. I found everything great and probably my suggestions and comments on future courses will be based on what happened here.” (Ioan, Romania)

 â€œThe organizer of the course tried to answer to all the needs of training the participants. The seminar combined in optimum way outdoor and indoor activities. The documents provided by the organizers were relevant to the work performed. The collaboration between the participants of the course offered the possibility of exchange of ideas and experiences.” (Luminita, Romania)

Post course cooperation: Preparatory meeting for a Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation project with the title  â€œFACTORY OF IDEAS”

  •  Partner institutions: 
    • Quarter Mediation, The Netherlands
    • LIFE e.v. Berlin, Germany (Magdalena, participant in the Comenius & Grundtvig course)
    • Istrian Development Agency (IDA) Ltd, CROATIA
    • Silesian Industry and Technology Park in Ruda ÅšlÄ…ska, POLAND
    • Powiatowy UrzÄ…d Pracy w Rudzie ÅšlÄ…skiej, POLAND
    • Instituto de Maquina-Herramienta, Elgoibar, Spain
  • Agenda
  • Venue: Assen, The Netherlands
  • Period: 13-15.10.2011

Comenius & Grundtvig in-service training
Reference number:NL-2010-199-001
Course period:  21-25.06.2010
Location:        Dokkum, The Netherlands
Participant countries:Finland, Turkey, Romania, Spain


Feed-back participants:

 "I think that all the course activities were very interesting and it'll be a good source of inspiration for my profesional activity. The course manager, Mrs. Cristina Stefan, kept a pleasant atmosphere. I'll recommend with pleasure this course to my colleagues. Thank you!" (Anca, Romania)

 "Practice examples were interesting, specially practice examples at school; these could be strengthened because for us are relevant."Thanks for your good organization. This course has contributed to my professional and personal developments. We shared our experiences and learned a lot things related to sustainable development. And the free time activities such as bicycle, trips etc. were very good. I have been really happy. The in service training was really good experience for all. And with this way we have learned a lot of things and established good friendship."(Mustafa, Turkey)

 "The timetable was maybe too tight and it is good if coming seminars could take consideration this point. Maybe less is more! It would have been good if the national presentations have had more time and space and that we also would have more time to make questions. Otherwise, the content of the course was good, interesting and many dimensioned. Thank you for that!  (Jukka, Finland)

 "The course helped me in achieving the specific competencies regarding new methods to collect and select waste, good practice examples of how to use the clean energy. The organizers did a good job, they are sociable persons and they were good in the management of priorities. During the course, we had an interactive communication, so I've learnt a lot. Congratulations!" (Ovidiu, Romania)

 "I have gained good experience regarding the sustainable development during this course. All the participants shared good experience. During this course and before starting this course, the approach and activities supplied by Quarter Mediation has been very good and contribute to my personal and professional development. Thanks for all to the course organizers!"  (Joseba, Spain)

 "The content covers very well all the objectives of the course. There was a lot of information, presented in an attractive way and we had the occasion to see things that don't exist in our country. My suggestion is about the number of the days of the course. If it is possible to make 7 days because it will be good for the participants to have more free time to visit some places, the cities. I would like to thank for all the things you did for us to having a good time here and for all your efforts."  (Simona, Romania)


 Comenius & Grundtvig in-service training

Reference number:        NL-2010-213-006

Course period:                12-16.09.2011

Location:                Assen, The Netherlands
Participant countries:Malta, Turkey


Feed-back participants:

"This course helped me to revise my knowledge about projects and acions of LLP. It was also a chance to realize the mistakes which are commonly mae and aren't realize easily. Moreover, I learned about new programes which I haven't wrote any project before (eg. TOI). I like te workshops the best because during the workshop the trainer (Cristina Stefan) answered all our questions and showed us the important steps in preparing a project." (Eda, Turkey)

"The presentations were all very well preented. Cristina (ou trainer) has good experience in handing application forms. The advice was also very beneficial." (Salvina, Malta)

"What I liked the best is the practical information together with the theoretical information. The workshop in that we were involved gave me perfect idea for further project application. Moreover, I've learned a lot of things that I didn't know before (such as LdV Partnership and TOI)." (Bengu, Turkey)

"The best thing I liked in the course is the great opportunity of practical work (worshops) that let us share andget hints about the project applications." (Hasan, Turkey)

"The workshops we have involved were the best for me, because it was created a good sharing atmosphere to develop new projects ahead." (Recep, Turkey)

"It was really a professional course. I had the possibility to see how the project matters are handled in Europe." (Omer, Turkey)

"Thank you for your professional attitude, sharing your knowledge, motivating us..." (Ozlem, Turkey)