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Quarter Mediation is active in the fields of Adult Education, School Education, Youth and Vocational Education and Training, and has an extensive experience and expertise in several European programmes such as: Lifelong Learning 2007–2013, Horison Europe, EIC Accelerator, SME Instrument, Marie Sklodowska-Curie, Green Deal, Intelligent Energy Europe, Euratom, Erasmus + and Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs. With regard to the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme, since 2011 Quarter Mediation is appointed by the European Commission as the Intermediary Organization for this centralised programme, with the tasks to coordinate and support both starters and experimented entrepreneurs from the Netherlands, offering in this way an alternative to adult people in risk of unemployment and to disadvantaged adult people. 

Quarter Mediation works both with individuals and institutions at European and international level and is appointed by the European Commission to support starters and experiemented entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. 

Quarter Mediation is offering adult education courses under the avaliable European Commission programmes on education, training and culture (e.g. Erasmus + Programme; European Social Fund etc.), focused on the following topics: creativity in teaching and training; methods of fighting early school leaving; how to use non-formal methods of teaching in the formal education; European Project management; business communication; better classroom behaviour; climate change and human rights; reducing unemployment and developing entrepreneurial skills; interculture; leadership and communication in education; environment and sustainable development; new technologies versus traditional technologies; how to use music, art, drama, ICT and outdoor activities in education; integration of people with different social and cultural background, including migrant; reducing Internet addictions etc. The courses' design is based on the experience and expertise of Quarter Mediation in organising European training courses for adult education (e.g. Erasmus +, Comenius and Grundtvig in-service trainings, Leonardo da Vinci vocational education courses), as well as on the development and needs of the systems of education in the different European countries. All the courses delivered by Quarter Mediation focus on CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) - teaching subjects through using English as a foreign language and use ICT-based and outdoor activities.