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Enhanced ENTREpreneurial attitude in adult education for a better LABour market integration

Reference number:2018-1-SE01-KA204-039048

Project file

Project type: Erasmus +.KA2 Strategic Partnership for Adult Education

Title: Enhanced ENTREpreneurial attitude in adult education for a better LABour market integration


Reference number: 2018-1-SE01-KA204-039048

Partner countries:  Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Portugal, Greece

Duration:   2 years (2018-2020)


Main aim:

To empower trainers to create ecosystems of entrepreneurial learning for adult education by assuming the role of the drivers of such ecosystems


Specific objectives:

  • To promote entrepreneurial culture by creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem, oriented to change, innovation and creativity;
  • To develop entrepreneurship at different levels of training as an incentive for people through strengthening entrepreneurial initiatives as a source of progress;
  • To develop entrepreneurial skills among people by raising awareness towards entrepreneurial culture.


Target groups:

The primary target group will consist of trainers selected from/by the partner organisations and local partners (stakeholders). They will be the mentors, by using the peer training method, to the secondary target group which will consist of larger group of teachers and trainers from the partner communities who will be involved in  developing the local ecosystems of entrepreneurial learning.

Meetings and training activities


  • Kick-off meeting, 17th to 18th of October 2018, Assen, NETHERLANDS;
  • Transnational project meeting, 19th to 20th of February 2019, Arvidsjaur, SWEDEN;
  • Transnational project meeting, 19th to 20th of August 2019, Lagos, PORTUGAL;
  • Transnational project meeting, 4th to 5th of March 2020, Udine, ITALY;
  • Transnational project meeting, 21st to 22nd of July 2020, Kavala, GREECE.

Training activity:

  • Training course for adult education, 17th to 19th of September 2019, Assen, NETHERLANDS.

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  • Newsletter nr.1    EN   IT   GR   PT   SE 

Project website

Multiplier events

  • First ENTRELAB Multiplier event
  • Final ENTRELAB Multiplier event

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