Leonardo da Vinci VETPRO

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Managing home waste and recycling at home

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Home Waste Recycling

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Colegiul National "Gh. Lazar" Bucuresti



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29.03 – 18.04.2009

  • To acquire knowledge in the area of the sustainable development.

  • To apply in Romania the best practice examples regarding the Dutch experience in home waste and recycling materials.

  • To find out methods for improving the quality of environmental education

"The Green Messenger" - School-level curriculum




                                     COLEGIUL NATIONAL “GH. LAZAR” BUCURESTI

                                     COLEGIUL ROMANO-CATOLIC “SF. IOSIF” BUCURESTI


Programa CDS Final



  • workshops: “Teaching subjects versus waste collecting”, “Rebuilding the content of the optional course according with the good practice examples from the Netherlands”, “Rules for a speech in the area of recycling materials and home waste”, “Presentation of classical and modern methods of teaching and learning”, “Identification of common way to disseminate and valorize the mobility results, also for promoting of Leonardo mobility as a efficient way for the professional development of teachers”
  • debates with the following topics:“The involvement of the participant schools in European projects”,  “How a community can deals with waste”, “Building details of learning units: content, competencies for pupils, methods and instruments of teaching, including interactive teaching methods that teachers identified as efficient during their mobility”
  • round tables having the following themes:”Recycling initiatives in Assen versus recycle initiative in Bucharest”, “Home waste and recycling in Dutch household”
  • presentations of good practice examples regarding: “Recycling initiatives in Assen and in the province of Drenthe”, “Recycling, sustainability and environmental awareness in a Dutch farm”.
  • meeting with the representatives of: the Community Hall of Assen, the Dutch Federation of Environmental studies in Assen, Malta recycling from Emmen
  • good practice examples of: “Recycling initiatives in Assen, Drenthe and The Netherlands”, “How people sort and recycle home waste in the modern Eco Park De Wierden”, “How to educate students in an environment-minded direction”, “The environmentology in the school curriculum. Theory and practice”
  • working concerning the public politics used in Romania and The Netherlands for keeping the environment clean for the next generations
  • meeting with teachers and students, discussions upon different  case studies and good practice examples in Dutch schools (AOC Heerenveen and AOC Leeuwarden)
  • visit to tipical Dutch villages and to the Dutch mils with the aim to see good practice examples of how people deal with waste and how the community support them and the sustainable development
  • discussing of the good practice examples in Dutch schools concerning methods of recycling materials

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission, The Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2013, Leonardo da Vinci sectorial Programme.