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Personalised Learning in Group Environments

Reference number:2018-1-PL01-KA204-051042

Project type: Erasmus +.KA2 Strategic Partnership for Adult Education

Title: Personalised Learning in Group Environments

Acronym: PLGE

Reference number: 2018-1-PL01-KA204-051042

Partner countries:  Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Spain, UK

Duration:   2 years (2018-2020)



  • To form a holistic and innovative methodology and strategy to personalise for use in adult language learning environments, design and create a series of intellectual outputs;
  • To increase the capacity of second language teachers (L2 teachers) and educational staff to be able to apply the personalisation techniques currently being used and developed in public sector teaching, in adult learning environment;
  • To increase the capacity of L2 language teachers to be able to offer high quality learning opportunities;
  • To apply the benefits of personalised learning in an innovative way and in a different context: for adult learners, studying in group environments.


Target groups:

The direct target group consists of language teachers and teachers of disadvantaged learners. The indirect target group consists of learners from disadvantaged backgrounds.   


  • Kick-off meeting, 2nd and 3rd of November 2018, Rseszow, POLAND;
  • Transnational project meeting, 29th to 30th of March 2019, Santa Croce sul Arno, ITALY;
  • Transnational project meeting, 27th to 28th of September 2019, Valencia, SPAIN;
  • Transnational project meeting, 27th to 28th of March 2020, Southhampton, UK;
  • Transnational project meeting, 28th to 29th of August 2020, Assen, NETHERLANDS;
  • Handbook/Guide on Differentiation (Differentiated Instruction) in L2 Learning Environments;
  • Standardised Modular Individual Learning Plan Framework for L2 Learning Environments;
  • Interactive Electronic Individual Learning Plan System for L2 Teachers;

Project website

Multiplier events:

  • 5 Multiplier events at local level, one in each country

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