Leonardo da Vinci preparatory visit, November 2009, Utrecht, The Netherlands


Quarter Mediation organized a Leonardo da Vinci preparatory visit in November2009 in Utrecht. The event was hosted by the "St. Gregorio" College, Utrecht, with the support and cooperation of Mr. Marcel Voorhoeve, deputy headmaster.


On this occasion, QM was aiming at creating networking opportunities to establish partnerships for institutions wishing to develop Leonardo da Vinci Mobility and Transfer of Innovation projects on the following main themes: 

  1. "Training experience in the field of multicultural HERITAGE" - Leonardo da Vinci IVT mobility 
  2. "Preservation of the HERITAGE" - Leonardo da Vinci VETPRO mobility
  3. "Consultants for efficient education" - Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation
  4. "Managing waste and education for sustainable development" - Leonardo da Vinci VETPRO mobility


  • Quarter Mediation, The Netherlands
  • "St. Gregorio" College, Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • Parish "St. Anthony",Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • Strední odborná škola, Blatná, Czech Republic
  • Colegiul Romano-Catolic "Sf. Iosif" , Bucuresti, Romania
  • Parohia "Pogorarea Sf. Duh", Bucuresti, Romania
  • Istituto professionale di stato, "G. Falcone", Italy
  • [" Pencho Slaveikov" School, Sofia, Bulgaria]
  • [Gorseinon College, United Kingdom]
  • [ERBIL Project Consulting Engineering Co, Turkey]

Feedback of participants

Marcel Voorhoeve, deputy headmaster St-Gregorius College Utrecht: "The conference days were good. I am happy with the results. In a few days we succeeded in building a good team and I really hope in the nearby future the product of these days will be visible in Europe!"

Marie Svehlova, teacher Eng. Strední odborná škola Blatná:
"I would like to thank you for the nice and useful meeting you had organised for us. I think you know so much about international projects. We can learn from you."