Reinforcing Entrepreneurship in Adults through Communication Technologies

Reference number:2017-1-FR01-KA204-037246_20170728

Project file

Project type: Erasmus +.KA2 Strategic Partnership for Adult Education

Title: Reinforcing Entrepreneurship in Adults through Communication Technologies

Acronym: REACT

Reference number: 2017-1-FR01-KA204-037246_20170728

Partner countries:  France, Netherlands, Finland, Italy

Duration:   2 years (2017-2019)



  • Improving the adults' awareness on lifelong learning paths
  • Promoting among adults a better understanding of the entrepreneurship competence;
  • Carrying out a sample survey of the best projects and tools about peer learning and peer tutoring methods that already exist;
  • Defining and testing innovative tools and practical methods that support adults to improve their entrepreneurial skills;
  • Promoting an innovative tool for the certification of the entrepreneurship competence. 



  • a desk research based on the analysis of the best practices and tools about peer learning and peer tutoring methods that already exists;
  • the development of an intervention protocol with the description of the workshops to be organised during the project;
  • the development of a recommendation document that will contain the most appropriate propositions for the certification of competence;
  • the creation of an e-learning online platform that will include useful digital tools to promote the understanding of entrepreneurial skills.  


The innovative part of the project is to build capacity among disadvantaged adults, and to create real life and efficient entrepreneurial learning for adults by using the community as a classroom.

Ecosystems of entrepreneurial learning are one of the first systematic attempts: a) to relocate education from the classroom to real life and society; to interacting with business, labour markets and the wider community; to empower education and offer such dynamic and innovation services; to include state of the art IT fluency for  entrepreneurial learning.

The mission of the project is to train adults directly and to empower adult education and its key stakeholders:  trainers and mentors.

Meetings and training activities


  • Kick-off meeting, 12th to 13th of October 2017, Venice, ITALY
  • Transnational project meeting, 4th to 5th of April 2018, Bastia, Corsica, FRANCE
  • Transnational project meeting, 16th to 17th of October 2018, Cividale del Friuli, ITALY
  • Transnational project meeting, 29th to 30th of April 2019, Joensuu, FINLAND
  • Transnational project meeting, July 2019, Ponte Vecchio, Bastia, Corsica, FRANCE

Training activity:

  • Training course for adult education, 19th to 21st of June 2018, Assen, NETHERLANDS



  • Desk Research 
  • Innovation Protocol 
  • Recommendation Document
  • E-Learning platform


Project flyer

Newsletter nr. 1 

Project website


The REACT team considers dissemination crucial to multiply the initiatives' benefits and results. It is particularly necessary for reaching the project goals and for the coherence between the planned activities and the direct and indirect target groups.

The cooperation amongst the partners involved in the consortium was realised via different channels of communication such as: face-to-face meetings (e.g. during the kick-off meeting in Italy, during the transnational project meeting in Corsica, during the teaching and learning course in the Netherlands), email and Skype.

In order to better conduct the dissemination process at local, regional, national and/or European level, Quarter Mediation designed and presented in the Kick-off meeting in Venice, in October 2017, the Dissemination Plan and Strategy, with annexes, each of them including the tasks allocated per partner for the dissemination process. Moreover, Quarter Mediation created, presented in the Kick-off meeting and provided REACT partners with draft reporting documents in electronic format. In the transnational project meeting organised in Corsica, France, in April 2018, Quarter Mediation presented the summary results of the dissemination activities organised by the REACT partners from September 2017 to the end of June 2018.

From the beginning of the project, in September 2017, to the end of June 2018, the REACT partners disseminated the REACT project objectives, activities and its results to 2822 people involved in education, teachers, trainers, head teachers, VET specialists, company representatives, project coordinators, representatives of international projects, university staff, financiers, writers etc. from EU, EEA and candidate countries. The dissemination continued also in the second year of the project, with a relevant number of stakeholders reached.

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