Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs "SMES GROWING IN EUROPE", 784993 - COS-EYE-2017-4-01


Project file

General description of the project:

SGE project offers, within the contractual period of the programme and beyond, business exchange opportunities for new entrepreneurs to receive individual support and establish an enriching and sustainable business cooperation with an experienced entrepreneur in another participating country, shadowing day-to-day entrepreneurial activities, implementing innovative and strategic projects. The entrepreneurs are accompanied after the exchange in the follow up activities, to ensure a strong impact on their businesses and the foundations for a long lasting business relationship among the two entrepreneurs involved in the exchange. The quality of the relationships is ensured throughout all project phases, from recruitment and assessment of applications to matchmaking and weekly monitoring of the exchanges, which are based on a clear work programme, strategic for both entrepreneurs.

The project main aim is facilitating New Entrepreneurs (NE) to plan and accomplish a successful cooperation with a Host Entrepreneur (HE) in another participating country. 


Specific objectives:

  • Enable New Entrepreneurs, recruited at regional and where appropriate at national level from the countries of the SGE Consortium, to accomplish an on-the-job-training in a small and medium-sized enterprise elsewhere in the Participating Countries, aimed at facilitating their start-up and development of business plan.
  • Engage Host Entrepreneurs to establish successful relationships with foreign New Entrepreneurs, aimed at enhancing the international activities and innovation potential of the established SMEs
  • Support the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs network between New Entrepreneurs, Host Entrepreneurs, and Intermediary Organizations from the consortium and beyond, aiming to foster sharing of experience and information between entrepreneurs and cross-border cooperation, and to develop follow-up services for entrepreneurs and SMEs.


Between 1st of February and 31st of July 2018, Quarter Mediation disseminated the EYE-SGE project objectives, activities and its results to 1290 people involved in education, teachers, trainers, head teachers, VET specialists, company representatives, entrepreneurs, businessmen, project coordinators, representatives of international projects, university staff, financiers, writers, researchers etc. from EU, EEA and candidate countries. 

From the beginning of the project. Quarter Mediation organised 5 European Dissemination activities in that the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme and the SGE project was disseminated to 83 people from all over Europe. Moreover, from 26th to 29th of March 2018, the management team of Quarter Mediation joined the European Conference of Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship "Towards Collaborative Practice" in that the EYE programme was promoted to the participants from 22 European countries.


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission, The Programme Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs.